We have dedicated this page to help people know where they can get Face Masks/Face Shields during the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic.

If you are new to our website here, we are Macryn Voice Greetings and we specialize in recording professional voicemail greetings/auto attendant messages/IVR voice prompts and Music with Messages On-Hold for small business owners and large companies worldwide. We have been helping businesses keep customers informed during the Coronavirus Covid 19 pandemic by recording custom greetings and messages that reflect altered business hours and other important information.  You can learn more about our phone greetings/recording services HERE.

We have been busy scouring the internet looking for face masks or face shields for our family…just like everyone else and were running out of luck.  

So, when we found a local business near us that made face shields and was selling them…we were thrilled!  The company (All Access Tags) is a Michigan based business that typically specializes in the production of plastic name badges for conferences, meetings and corporate events.  They have converted their production assembly line to also produce Face Shields during the Covid-19 PandemicThey are able to ship their face shields to just about anywhere.

We have ordered some for ourselves here at Macryn Voice Greetings and found them to be very useful and quite comfortable.  We felt very fortunate to have found these face shields and would like to help out this local business by spreading the word. In addition, we feel a lot of people would appreciate knowing these face shields are available!

Here are pictures and information from the company website:

*Disposable Face Shield – $5.00 (plus shipping)

They said they are able to ship all through the United States and other countries too!

Unisex, Simple, Wear-Resistant, Durable, Washable.

ORDER HERE (and get details):








Please copy and share our page link here with others who may be interested in buying these face masks/face shields.


We hope this helps you or someone you know as you search online for Face Masks/Face Shields.

Disclaimer:  Please understand that Macryn Voice Greetings does not endorse these face shields in any way or represent them as a replacement for medical grade Personal Protective Equipment. We are simply providing a link to the company website for informational purposes only.  The decision to use this mask/shield is solely your own. Please remember that use of face masks/shields is not intended to replace other recommended measures to stop the community spread of COVID-19, such as social distancing, washing your hands and refraining from touching your face.  Follow the latest advice of the CDC and your own health care professionals as to how best to keep yourself safe.

If you need any Professional Phone Greetings recorded for your business phone/cell phone, Auto Attendant Messages, IVR Voice Prompts or Music with Messages while callers are on-hold…please let us know here at Macryn Voice Greetings!  We can help you keep your customers informed about your business hours or any changes in the way you do business during this pandemic.  If you need help writing your scripts, we can assist with that as well (see SCRIPT EXAMPLES).

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